This Summer, Al Ghurair Centre - one of the region’s most popular shopping destinations, is offering kids the opportunity to participate in their enthralling Science Party. A fun-filled, educational initiative where children get to unleash their inner scientist and create exciting new inventions of their own! The party will be held every weekend, starting 17th of August up-until the 23rd September.

The exciting new initiative by Al Ghurair Centre is all set to offer kids a plethora of edutainment activities ready to captivate and enrich their young minds. One of the highlights of this event is the Bio Observation Station, a real-life science laboratory where kids become little inventors and researchers and are given the chance to explore and interact with real scientific equipment, and make inventions and observations of their own. A learning experience like none-other, wherein children get to live the role of a real scientist!

At the Science Party kids will also be given the chance to learn how to write secret messages; using special ink just like in their favorite television shows. For the more creative children; they will learn how to create lava lamps using intricate science and art supplies, they will be taught how to create new special colors using paint and other inventive elements. Art enthusiasts will also have the chance to make their very own kaleidoscopes, amongst various other imaginative activities.

What’s more? The party is also all set to be attended by Dubai’s favorite scientist, Mark Mind- the genius, who will fascinate all visitors with his marvelous inventions and inspiring science-hacks. Kids who visit will also have the chance to share the stage with Mark and assist him with his unique creations!

The latest edutainment initiative by Al Ghurair Centre goes hand-in-hand with UAE’s continued effort towards promoting improved educational standards within the country. Speaking about the novel summer initiative, Mr. Sultan Al Ghurair – CEO, Al Ghurair Properties says, “Education is a cause we are very passionate about within our organization, which is why we have initiated this activity amongst our plethora of existing offerings aimed at children. We would like to impart every child with a holistic learning opportunity, which is why our event is free of charge for all interested visitors. Furthermore, we as the pioneering Shopping Centre, in the UAE, would like to start a new initiative and pave the way for a new method of education, wherein children are given the opportunity to learn through first-hand experience, which is exactly what our endeavor offers.”