During the Holy month of Ramadan, Dubai’s pioneering lifestyle and shopping destination invited visitors to make a difference by participating in their novel social initiative called ‘Omniyati’ - which is Arabic for ‘make a wish’. Aligning with the message of giving, Al Ghurair Centre has chosen three heartwarming wishes to fulfill.

For many, receiving a life changing opportunity is a matter of chance but for Abeer Khafaga, Leen Zidan, and Noha Zeidan, who each had their wishes granted, the initiative came as a divine intervention.


Reaching Out

Abeer Khafaga couldn’t hold back her tears when her tear-jerking plea for financial aid to support her eleven year old daughter’s education was sanctioned.

“Having lived in Dubai for twelve years, I have never won anything before, and now I believe this financial provision is truly a gift from God.” “Due to continuous financial constraints my husband and I had to pull our daughter out of school, as a result of which she missed an entire academic year.” “We were very afraid that we would have to put a complete stop to her education once and for all.” said, the emotional Sudanese mother, whose husband has been bedbound with partial paralysis after suffering a near death heart-attack about two years ago.

To sustain her family’s day-to-day expenses Abeer- mother of two- has been taking up temporary jobs on a regular basis, and is now actively pursuing a full-time opportunity. “This campaign has helped my family in more ways than one can imagine- it truly was a blessing in disguise. And for this very reason I would like to convey my undying gratitude to Al Ghurair Centre for the opportunity.” concluded the overwhelmed 40 year old.

Through the Omniyati initiative Abeer will receive monetary support which will help continue her daughter’s primary education.


When Syrian expatriate, Leen Zidan, nobly wished for financial relief to support her family back in her home country, she had no idea her wish would be fulfilled. The excited, Homemaker, burst into tears upon learning that she was one of the three chosen recipients of the initiative.

“My Husband and I have been struggling to make ends meet for the last few months, and we have been unable to support my family back home”, explained the tearful 25 year old, “This financial aid couldn’t have come at a better time for me, I will finally be able to bring a smile back on my family’s faces, who have been enduring very tough social and economic conditions.” “My Mother and sister are one the most important people in my life and this initiative has come as a true blessing for us all.”


Euphoric Egyptian expatriate, Noha Zeidan, couldn’t contain her joy when she was informed that her wish to travel with her mother to perform Umrah has been chosen. “I have always prayed for a chance to visit the holy city of Mecca with my mother; however, due to financial restraints I have never had the chance to do so. And now I can’t believe that I have won such a beautiful gift, especially after the holy month of Ramadan.”

 “As a Muslim this is the best gift my mother and I could ever ask for. I am truly lucky that I live in such a benevolent city and moreover I am forever grateful to the Omniyati initiative for supporting my wish” exclaimed the overjoyed 24 year old.